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About Oral Arts

A recent survey of dentists revealed an awful truth about dental labs. The “average” dentist in the United States uses 4+ dental laboratories to meet their needs. Posterior crowns go here… anterior crowns go there…. veneers and implants go elsewhere.

Why? Is it because the average dentist finds better value for different cases in different places?

I’ve never seen a similar survey of AACD dentists, or graduates of continuum programs with Pankey/Dawson/Kois/and Spear. Would they use so many labs?

Probably not.

These dentists, who have dedicated substantial amounts of time and money to their pursuit of excellence, reward themselves for that commitment by establishing a working relationship with a laboratory that exceeds their expectations….a lab like Oral Arts, Georgia.

At Oral Arts we don’t consider ourselves to be an average lab working for average dentists. We don’t accept the premise that dentists have to use multiple labs for different cases.

Reward yourself for all the education, all the hours, for all that you have committed to dentistry. Please give us a call or send an e.mail today.

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